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2009 Economic Forecast for Metro Denver

February 27, 2009

Information obtained during a seminar on Feb 17, 2009. In the 7 county Denver area forecasted population in 2009 is expected to be 2.83 million.
The 3 largest populated counties are: 22% in Denver, 20% in Arapahoe, 19% in Jefferson.

In 2002 6% of mortgages written were subprime.
In 2006 40% of mortgages written were subprime.

NAR shows the median home price in the 7 county area in 2009 to be $221,500 compared to 2006 which was $249,500. Homes are now more affordable then just a few years ago.

Following information obtained through Denver Metro List Service on Feb 27, 2009:

In 2008 Greenfield had 34 home sales with 11 homes sold through Lender/Bank.

In 2007 Greenfield had 26 home sales with 3 homes sold through Lender/Bank.

In 2008 The farm had 98 homes home sales with 36 sold through lender/bank

IN 2007 The Farm had 122 home sales with 19 sold through lender/bank.

For 2007 & 2008 This does not include short sales.
For the mls numbers there is a margin of error due to how some real estate agents report the neighborhood name